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The Benefits of Using Azomite Growing Short Term Crops

The Benefits of Using Azomite Growing Short Term Crops

When we were growing and selling fresh microgreens at Farmers Markets and to restaurants, we experimented with many different ways to grow the highest yielding and most consistent crops. Our major secret ingredient was Azomite Powder. Azomite Powder is a slow release organic fertilizer sourced from volcanic ash. It promotes strong and healthy plants by slowly releasing minerals and trace elements into any growing medium. This can be used in soil or on hydroponic growing mediums and is safe on all plants! We now include a 2 oz jar of Azomite with every kit we sell, which as of this post, nobody else in the Microgreens/Wheatgrass world does. 

Azomite is a highly mineralized Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate, or in english, a material obtained by layers of ash and rocks crystalize in response to groundwater and is purified through crushing, screening and high temperature treatment. Azomite is mined in Utah from an ancient deposit left by a volcanic eruption that filed a seabed 30 million years ago. 

Azomite can improve plant and root system growth, increase crop yields, and helps to re-mineralize nutrient depleted growing mediums. Traditionally Azomite is used to enhance soil, however, we have found it to be as successful on hydroponic growing mediums such as hemp or coconut coir. Azomite even helps to enhance the nutritional value of your crop. The best part, this is completely natural and organic! It is a natural mineral product that is environmentally safe and is mostly dust-free. 

To use, sprinkle a a small amount of Azomite evenly across your growing medium before planting your seeds and watering in your crop. Azomite crops consistently yield more, are richer in color, nutrition, taste better, and more grow more densely. Give it a try

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