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The Many and Wonderous Uses of your Hori Hori Garden Tool

The Many and Wonderous Uses of your Hori Hori Garden Tool

The hori hori digging tool originated in Japan and originally was used for carefully extracting plants from the earth. The word hori means “to dig” in Japanese and hori hori refers to the digging sound in spoken Japanese.

This tool is quickly becoming popular in the US for its' versatility in the garden. I also find this multi-function tool very convenient to have when camping as well. At its core the Hori Hori is a saw, trowel, knife, measuring device for consistent planting, twine cutter, and bottle opener.

It should be noted that the saw and knife aspect of the hori hori are NOT fine woodworking implements. This is intended firstly to be a digging tool. So the saw works great on roots you may encounter when digging and the knife is more like a small sharp axe, rather than a fine carving knife. However, when properly sharpened the blade is pretty useful as a regular knife. The metal on Skyhaven Harvest's Hori Hori is carbon steel which will make for a very rugged, heavy-duty digging tool. The heft of the tool helps the knife portion to act as a light-duty axe for brush clearing or collecting kindling.

At Skyhaven Harvest, Skye and Kim are both professional gardeners. They use the Hori Hori tool daily when gardening or landscaping. This tool is also incredibly useful on camping trips for digging the occasionally needed hole and hacking up kindling. Then, there is that end of the day beer that can also be conveniently opened...



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